Ceramic Foundry Sand

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Ceramic Foundry Sand/Ceramsite

Chemical Composition

SiO2 5– 15%
Al2O3 70-75%
Fe2O3 5%max
TiO2 5%max
MgO 0.5%max
K2O 0.5%max
CaO 0。5%max

Physical Character

Grain shape Perfect round ball shape
Color Brown-Black
Angle index 1.1 max
Loose Bulk Density 1.9 – 2.1 g/cm3
Refractoriness 2050℃
Liner thermal expansion (200℃ - 1000℃) 5×10-6/℃


   1.Widely used in foundry technique like resin-bonded sand, sodium silicate sand, and clay- bonded sand for sand core and casting mould making.

  2。Replace chromite sand and widely used in sand core making like jacket core, oil duct core, tappet core of engine。

  3。Replace chromite sand for steel casting facing sand and sub-layer of molding sand (backing sand)。

  4.Widely used as dry sand and sand box for EPC process and V method of casting processes. 

  5.Widely used as the main raw materials of advanced refractory products (Ladle drainage sand,gravity casting material, casting coating, etc.).

  6.Widely used as cleaning sand for copper and aluminum alloy castings.

Available Sizes: AFS15-25 AFS25-35 AFS35-45 AFS45-55 AFS55-65 AFS105-115 AFS125-135 AFS160-170 

10-20mesh 10-30mesh 20-30mesh 30-40mesh 50-70mesh 50-100mesh 50-140#mesh 70-140mesh 100-140mesh 40-140mesh -200mesh -270mesh -325mesh

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